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by Andrew C. Wendland

09.09.09 ~ 16.04.24

This web site is dedicated to my beautiful mom Sonja who lost her battle with cancer early morning on 16.04.14. She will be deeply missed by her family and friends.

16.04.98 The Pink Floyd Movie Synchronization Story 16.04.24

16.04.02 The Alan Parsons Movie Synchronization Project 09.09.22

30.06.03 The Beatles Movie Sync Beat 30.06.23

01.02.04 The Radiohead Movie Synchronization Headquarters 01.02.24

16.04.09 The Oasis of Movie Syncs 16.04.24

21.12.12 The Rush Moving Sync Pictures 21.12.22

30.06.13 The Yes World of Movie Syncs 30.06.23

30.06.13 The Deep Purple Movie Sync Puzzle 30.06.23

16.04.14 The Flaming Lips Movie Sync Secrets 16.04.24

07.11.14 The Primus Movie Sync Primer 07.11.19

16.04.15 The Rolling Stones Movie Sync Conspiracy 16.04.20

16.04.16 The Jethro Tull Movie Sync Treasures 16.04.21

16.04.16 The David Bowie Movie Sync Oddities 16.04.21

16.04.16 The Dream Theater of Movie Syncs 16.04.21

16.04.16 The Coldplay Movie Sync Playlist 16.04.22

07.11.16 The Red Hot Chili Peppers Hot Movie Syncs 07.11.21

30.06.18 The Beach Boys Book of Movie Syncs 30.06.18

11.07.18 The Metallica Heavy Movie Syncs 11.07.18

01.02.19 The Muse Movie Sync Source 01.02.19

09.09.19 The Lorde Melodramatic Movie Syncs 21.12.21


Who am I?  A Short Bio

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The Eliza Wren "Return to Oz" Sync Project

Eliza Wren has created an intentional album/movie synchronization to the Disney movie "Return to Oz."  Her double CD project is definitely worth purchasing.  She's one of only a few artists that openly admit to creating an intentional movie sync.  Who knows, maybe she'll start a trend...

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The Meru Foundation

Even though I am not Jewish, I find the research of the Torah by Stan Tenen to be very intriguing and astonishing.  I have been following his progress for several years and support the work of The Meru Foundation.  Check out the research for yourself.  If it is within your means, please support this organization with a contribution.

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