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The Wall (1979) with Alice in Wonderland (1951, animated Disney classic)

bulletdiscoverer unknown
bulletsync length = movie length (approx. 75 minutes)
bulletmust skip the song "Comfortably Numb" on the album
bullet75 minutes divides evenly into 25 songs (75/25 = 3)
bulletsongs in the Pink Floyd movie The Wall
bulletstart the first CD at the beginning of the movie, right when the music of the movie starts
bulletwhen it is complete, pause the movie
bulletstart the second CD and unpause the movie at the same time
bulletmust skip "Comfortably Numb" on the second CD for the sync to work properly


Alice in Wonderland

ALice in WonderLand

Wonder (ALice) Land

W (AL) L


Some things I noticed:

The Thin Ice

Alice cradles the cat like a baby during the crying in the song.

"And the sky may look blue" as Alice looks up at the blue sky.

"Baby blue" as a blue bird flies by.

"Don't be surprised, when a crack in the ice" as Alice sticks finger into the water creating ripples.

Another Brick in the Wall - part 1

"A snap shot in the family album" as Alice looks in a book.

Guitar part goes nicely with Alice rocking in the chair.

There are bricks in the wall towards the end of her fall.

There is a faint yelling when the door knob (with a face) is grabbed.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

"By pouring their derision" while the tears flow from Alice's eyes.

Another Brick in the Wall - part 2

Sea creatures dance to the beat.

The bird represents the educator. "Teachers, leave the kids alone."


"Mother, do you think they'll try to break my balls?" when two balls appear in the sky: the sun and the moon.

Walrus represents the politician. "Mother, should I trust the government?"

"Hush now baby, don't you cry" as mother clam watches over baby clams.

"Mother, will she tear your little boy apart?" when sign appears that says 'Oysters on the half shell.'

Goodbye Blue Sky

"Did you see the frightened ones?" - bird looks frightened.

Young Lust

Horsefly rocks to the beat of the music.

One of My Turns

Crashing sound as water spills on Alice.

The sounds of cars passing by matches the letters floating by.

Don't Leave Me Now

Heavy breathing as caterpillar blows smoke letters.

"Don't leave me now" as Alice leaves him.

Another Brick in the Wall - part 3

Music intensifies as Alice gets really huge.

Goodbye Cruel World

"Goodbye" as Alice follows signs for a way out of Wonderland.

Hey You

"The wall [of smoke] was too high, as you can see."

"And the worms ate into his brain." The crazy man's hair almost looks like worms.

Is there anybody out there?

Tinkling noise as fireworks tinkle.

Nobody Home

"I've got wild staring eyes" as rabbit's eyes bug out.

Bring the Boys Back Home

"Time to go...time to go..." is one clue to skip the next song "Comfortably Numb."

Comfortably Numb (SKIP THIS SONG)

On remastered CD set, there is a minus sign next to this song, "6. Comfortably Numb -(6:23)" indicating that it should be skipped.

The Show Must Go On

The title of this song is another clue that "Comfortably Numb" must be skipped.

In the Flesh

Pink cat symbolizes the character Pink Floyd.

"Another with spots" refers to the cards.

Run Like Hell

Cards march to the beat of the music.

The Trial

Both the movie and the album end with a trial.

Outside the Wall

Music is very peaceful after she wakes up from the dream.