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Thom Yorke - The Eraser (2006) with Dr. Strangelove (1963)

bulletsync grade = B+
bulletdiscovered by Gabe Cordova in Dec. 2006
bulletadded on 01.02.07
bulletsync length = movie length (approx. 1 hour 33 minutes)
bulletstart CD at the beginning of the movie when the flame of the torch appears that the Colombia Pictures lady is holding
bulletrepeat CD until the end of the movie
bulletthe black & white cover may point to a black & white film
Sync Description written by Gabe Cordova

Check out some of the song titles from The Eraser

-The Eraser
(The scientists that invent these weapons, people like Dr. Strangelove, are "The Erasers.")

-Atoms for peace
(Possibly a reference to how countries create nuclear weapons as a means of protection and keeping the peace, ironically they do anything but that.)

-The clock
(The whole movie is basically a countdown to the end of humanity.)

Clues in lyrics that Thom is referring to nuclear warfare:

"Like candles in the city
you'll never look so pretty
while power cuts and blackouts
sleeping like babies
it gets you down" -excerpt from Analyse

This brings to mind how major U.S. cities would be ordered to turn off all lights causing widespread blackouts, which in turn would make it hard for countries to target our major cities in case of an attack.

The sync: what to look for

Track 1: The Eraser
Song plays as the B-52 receives fuel from the KC-135 Tanker. The B-52 ends up being the eventual "Eraser" of mankind. Its attack triggers the Doomsday Machine.

"No You're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong" as Group Captain Mandrake begins speaking with General Ripper over the phone. Ripper is the one that orders Mandrake to initiate his paranoia induced nuclear attack on the Soviets.

Track 2: Analyse

This song syncs perfectly with the crew of the B-52 receiving orders to carry out the attack. This is the only plane that never gets recalled and ends up "succeeding."

"You travel far what have you found? That there's no time, there's no time" as the movie switches over to the B-52 bomber and it's crew in flight.

"There's no time to analyse, to think things trough to make sense" as Major Kong questions Goldie if he's sure that the orders received are correct.

"Oh there's no time, there's no time to analyse analyse" as Kong goes back to check for himself that the code is correct.

Track 3 : Clocks

"Time is running out for us but you just move the hands upon the clock" as crew begins preparing for the nuclear attack. Time is running out for the human race and the crew is "moving the hands upon the clock" by carrying out their mission.

"You make believe you're still in charge" as Ripper speaks with Turgidson's secretary about the situation. It's clear Ripper has over exceeded his power and is making decisions even though he is not in charge.

Track 4: Black Swan

"Black Swan" is a term that is often used to refer to something that breaks away from the ordinary. Something beyond the realm of normal expectations. This fits perfectly with the theme of the movie. This is a situation no one has ever had to deal with.

"Cause this is f***ed up, f***ed up Cause this is f***ed up, f***ed up" after Turgidson gets the news from Ripper.

"People get crushed like biscuit crumbs and laid down in the bed you made you have made" as soldiers are ordered by Ripper to protect the base at all costs. Whoever tries to enter that base will be "crushed" because of the decisions Ripper has made.

"This your blind spot, blind spot, It should be obvious, but it's not. But it isn't, but it isn't" as soldiers are told to shoot at anything that comes within 200 feet of the base. It should be obvious that the men they are about to engage in combat with are their own, but they are going by the code, not common sense.

"You cannot kick start a dead horse you just crush yourself and walk away" the soldiers guarding the base are about to fight against other U.S. soldiers. They are "crushing" themselves.

"I don't care what the future holds cause I'm right here in your arms today" again, lyrics fit the subject matter well.

"With your fingers you can touch me" as crew member onboard B-52 tries opening up a safe.

"I'm your black swan, black swan But I made it to the top, made it to the top This is f***ed up, f***ed up"  this time the black swan reference could be towards Ripper, he "made it to the top", he's a highly ranked general for the Air Force.

Track 5: Skip Divided

"I'm in a skip divided malfunction I flap around and dive bomb" could be direct reference to crew members onboard.

"I thought there was this big connection I only got my name I only got the situation" fits well with scene of Mandrake meeting with Ripper and trying to convince him to change his mind. Ripper thinks he's made a "big connection" or discovery but in reality he doesn't really have much to solidify this theory with.

"Without appropriate papers or permissions I'm known to bite in tight situations" Direct reference to Ripper, he made a drastic decision with no factual basis to back it, and with no authorization from anyone.

"Like a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a lapdog I'm your lapdog, yeah" as Ripper orders Mandrake to fix him a drink.

"I just need my number and location" as Mandrake begs Ripper for the code that would order the planes back.

Track Six: Atoms for Peace

"No more Talk about the old days, it's time for something great" as Ripper quotes former French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau on something he said 50 years ago. The quote was something along the lines of 'war being left to the politicians to decide.'  He explains to Mandrake that 50 years ago that would have worked, but now those decisions should be left to the men in the military.

"I want you to get out and make it work" as Turgidson begins telling President Muffley what he thinks he should do.

"So many lies, so many lies, so many lies, So feel the love come off of them and take me in your arms" as Turgidson briefs the president.

Track 7: And it Rained All Night

"The tick tock tick of a ticking time bomb" as the men in the war room try to find ways to avert the nuclear attack.

"But I can never reach you" as Turgidson receives a call from his secretary who is questioning their "relationship."

"It's relentless, Invisible, Indefatigable, Indisputable, Undeniable, So how come it looks so beautiful? How come the moon falls from the sky?" sounds like the description of a Nuclear explosion.

(Info on tracks 8 and 9 not included in this guide, nothing too special worth mentioning.)

Selected highlights from the rest of the movie sync:

"Please excuse me but I got to ask: are you only being nice Because you want something?" as Dimitri questions the presidents intentions for calling him.

"You know the answer so why do you ask? I am only being nice" as Dimitri asks President Muffley questions. Music gets very eerie when the secret about the Doomsday Machine is revealed.

"Time is running out for us but you just move the hands upon the clock" as Dr. Strangelove explains the reality of the Doomsday Machine to the president.

"Feel the love" as Mandrake looks over Ripper's notes that include the phrase: "Peace on earth."

The title track goes perfectly with the B-52 bomber finally reaching and bombing its target.

"There's no time, to analyse" as Dr. Strangelove proposes his plan for survival underground.

"Clocks" begin as you see De Sadeski taking a picture of the big board with a secret pocket watch camera.

"Time is running out" as bombs explode and movie ends.