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The Lorde Melodramatic Movie Syncs

The Place Where Lorde Secret Movie Connections Are Revealed

By Andrew C. Wendland (remove "no-spam" from address)

With Contributions from Tyler Buffett and Zephyr Ash Ostrowski

Originally Introduced 09.09.19 --- Latest Movie Sync Added 21.12.21 --- Last Updated 21.12.21


This page is a continuation of my Pink Floyd page on the topic of album & movie synchronicity (or synchronization). To enjoy a sync, simply play the chosen movie with the sound turned off, and play the appropriate CD at the same time. Turning on the captions can enhance the experience. Specific instructions for each sync are given on this web page.

Special Notes

09.09.19Today, I am pleased to expand the secret movie/music sync theory to include the female artist, Lorde.  The cover of her CD "Melodrama" is an animated picture of her, which hints towards an animated film with a female lead.  I'm not that familiar with her body of work, but let's hope more syncs will be found.

The Syncs

For individual syncs, click on an album title or a movie title below.  For the entire list of syncs, click on the link at the bottom.

The Albums

bulletMelodrama (2017)
bulletSolar Power (2021)

The Movies

bulletMoana (2016)
bulletMidsommar (2019)

Clicking the link below will reveal all the syncs.

The Lorde Movie Synchronizations