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The Alan Parsons Movie Synchronization Project

The Place Where The Alan Parsons Project Secret Movie Connections Are Revealed

By Andrew C. Wendland (remove "no-spam" from address)

With Contributions from Todd "Boris" Ellis, Nat Moncrieff, David Hoak, Stase, Sam Hodgson, David Taylor Mendonca, and Zephyr Ash Ostrowski

Originally Introduced 16.04.2002 --- Latest Movies Sync Revealed 16.04.22 --- Last Updated 09.09.22

Significant Updates 06.06.2002, 22.06.2002, 22.07.2002, 21.12.2002, 16.04.2003, 16.04.04, 10.07.04, 16.09.04, 21.12.04, 10.07.06, 16.04.07, 07.11.07, 10.07.09, 07.08.09, 01.01.10, 16.04.10, 16.04.13, 10.07.13, 07.10.13, 11.08.14, 07.11.14, 16.04.15, 21.12.16, 16.04.17, 10.07.19, & 16.04.20

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This page is a continuation of my Pink Floyd page on the topic of album & movie synchronicity (or synchronization). To enjoy a sync, simply play the chosen movie with the sound turned off, and play the appropriate CD at the same time. Turning on the captions can enhance the experience. Specific instructions for each sync are given on this web page.

Special Notes

09.09.22 - I had an adventure on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. It began with a trip to the Royal Oak Music Theatre to see The Alan Parsons Live Project. I decided to pay extra for the pre-show sound check. I set my expectations low because they stressed that this wasn't a meet & greet, and we weren't supposed to talk to the band. No photos or videos were allowed, since the band was wearing casual clothes. While waiting in line outside the venue, someone pointed out that Alan was walking into a nearby door. Sure enough it was him. About ten minutes later much to our surprise he casually walked by the line to the street corner. I decided to go see where he went. By the time I got to the corner, he was gone, but I saw some tour busses, so I nonchalantly walked by them, hoping he'd pop out. I went back to the corner, keeping an eye on the theater entrance. Didn't want to miss the sound check. Once I saw them entering, I returned. There were about 20 of us waiting in the front hall, where they gave us a special laminated pass, a signed poster, and a Turn of the Friendly Card bag. We were then escorted in about 5:15 to the few front rows near the stage. The band was already messing around, adjusting things, playing different parts of songs. What was interesting was that they would practice part of a song together. Then stop. Talk to us a bit, then do some more playing. Chat some more. Play some more. It was pretty cool. Now I was sitting about 5 rows back, by myself, away from the others. One of the band members noticed my Alan Parsons Live Project hockey-style jersey and called attention to it. They were remarking how rare it was, how fast they sold out, and how it might be worth a lot. So, I stood up and spun around, showing every one this jersey with a big 07 on the back representing 2007. I even said all the band members signed it. Of course, they were a different crew back then. I wondered if Alan figured out who I was at that point. After that excitement, they continued with their sound check. They sounded great. When they were done, Alan asked if anyone had questions. So, I blurted out something like "Does Dark Side of the Moon sync with The Wizard of Oz?" He responded with "I'll give my standard answer of it goes with Mary Poppins." Shortly thereafter, the VIP organizer got all of us to line up for a group photo. Us, in front of the stage, and the band on the stage. I received the photo via email. Then Alan started signing things that people brought. He started at one end, worked his way to the other end where I was. I handed him my laminated pass to sign. I told him that I watch films with all of his albums. I think I said something like it's enjoyable. Honestly I can't remember my exact words. He pretty much kept a poker face, not acting surprised. And then he departed to get ready for the show. I gathered my belongings to head out for dinner. It was about 6:15. The doors were about to open at 6:30 with show-time around 7:30, which I thought was pretty early. I dropped off the bag & poster in my car, and chose a nearby Thai restaurant to eat. When I sat down, I recognized one of the guitarists, Jeff Kollman, sitting at a table with some family members, I assumed. I eventually realized that the other guitarist, Dan Tracy, was sitting next to him, and the family members were at the sound check, too. After finishing their meals, the two band members said their goodbyes and headed for the exit. As they were walking by, I said, "Looking forward to the show," as one of them patted me on the shoulder. I was still wearing my unique jersey. As they were about to exit, I asked, "Do you want to know a secret about your boss?" That stopped them in their tracks. I said that all of his albums synchronize to movies. One remarked that he doubted he would go through the effort. One mentioned that "I, Robot" was used for Burning Man. I said it goes with Logan's Run. I also mentioned to them. They said that they had something to try on the bus ride. Then they left. I had hopefully planted the seed that would start a conversation later with Alan. It's really possible that these musicians are in the dark about the syncs, since they didn't write any of the songs. What started out as low expectations turned into an awesome experience in unexpected ways. While I was eating my meal, the other family members were leaving. I found out that the band member (Dan Tracy, I believe) was the children's uncle. The whole family recognized me from the sound check. That jersey sure drew the attention. After I finished my meal, I walked to the show. I had a great seat in the center, five rows back. The show was fantastic. We were the first show where they performed all the songs from Eye in the Sky. Being that close to the stage makes the experience more intimate in my opinion. I felt like the band members were really enjoying themselves. The crowd seemed to be really into the band as well. All in all I had an amazing evening with some unexpected surprises along the way. Thank you, Alan and crew, for a memorable experience!

16.04.22 - Today, we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Alan Parsons Movie Synchronization Project web page.  It's hard to believe that we've been searching for these gems for more than 20 years.  I'm pleased to reveal three more movie syncs on this day.  Enjoy!  Also, I purchased a ticket to see The Alan Parsons Live Project later this month on 27.04.22.  The seat is located in section A Center, row E, seat 21.  I do appreciate Alan and his crew touring in my neighborhood the same month as this monumental anniversary and also my 50th birthday.  Some would say it's coincidental, but I'm not one of them.

16.04.17 - Today, we celebrate the 15th Anniversaary of The Alan Parsons Movie Synchronization Project web page.  I started listening to their music quite a bit about 16 years ago, but it wasn't until Todd Ellis and I watched Logan's Run with the I Robot CD in early 2002 that we'd jumped into a new realm of non-Pink Floyd syncs.  It was an awesome moment for us, taking the theory further.  Now with more than 15 bands and counting, the movie sync world is much larger than I ever imagined.  Who knows how large this underground sync club is?  So, today we add another great sync to the collection.

16.04.12 - Ten years have passed since this Alan Parsons Project sync page was first introduced. I wish I had a new sync to share, but I've been focused on other artists lately. I am looking forward to the release of Alan Parson's new project SubClones. Occasionally, I examine the APP albums again to see if there are any other connections I can find.

01.01.10 - We were saddened by the passing of the talented song writer and musician Eric Woolfson on December 2, 2009. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.  In honor of him and of his work, we reveal a new sync with his 2009 solo release.

07.08.09 -  We enjoyed another great performance by The Alan Parsons Live Project on 17.07.09.  They certainly did not disappoint the crowd.  The music and singing were awesome.  Thanks for coming to our neighborhood.  Since it was a little chilly out, I actually wore my Alan Parsons Live Project hockey jersey from the show two years ago.  I was probably the only fan wearing one of those.  Also, the opening band, the Orchestra (formerly ELO), was a pleasant surprise.  I recognized and enjoyed several of their songs.

03.06.09 -  I have two tickets to see The Alan Parsons Live Project on 17.07.09 in Michigan.  The seats are located in section LT2, row I, seats 9 & 10.  Once again, I'll be wearing my "A Walk Down Abbey Road" concert shirt from 2002.  I'm sure they'll put on another great show.

04.01.07 -  I have two tickets to see The Alan Parsons Project on 12.01.07 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  The seats are located in the floor section, row N, seats 14 & 16.  I'll be wearing my "A Walk Down Abbey Road" concert shirt from 2002.  My wife and I are really looking forward to this show.

16.01.07 -  I could not have predicted how aawesome this day (12.01.07) would turn out when we left our home in Canton, Michigan, to drive to Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  The trip was about 400 miles.  We arrived at the hotel a few hours before the show.  This is where we prepared a couple of signs to hold up during the show.  We walked and drove around the fish town for fun and ate Perch sandwiches at a nearby fish market.  Then we went to the show. 

After entering the lobby of the theatre, there was a stand with concert shirts, videos, and discs for sale.  I was looking at the shirts, trying to decide which one I wanted to purchase.  I almost had made up my mind when my wife asked about the hockey jersey style shirt.  The answer was $150.  No, thank you.  Then my wife noticed a sign that said the hockey jersey came with two after-show passes.  I asked the lady about it.  She said that we'd get to meet the band.  I was immediately sold.  So, I pulled out my wallet and counted 155 bucks, just barely enough.  The backstage passes were ours!  (At that point, the signs we had made earlier weren't needed anymore.)

We found our seats, and I thought about what I would say.  Then the show began.  The show was fantastic.  I was really impressed how well the musicians stayed true to the original works.  Their voices were great.  Each one had a song to showcase his talents.  We enjoyed everything about the show, including the enthusiasm of the band and the audience.  Wow! 

After the show ended, we waited in line for the after-show meeting.  About twenty of us were led into a room where we waited for the band.  One by one the band members made their way through the group of fans, chatting and signing autographs.  The first one we met was the lead singer, P.J. Olsson.  Coincidentally, he was born in Michigan and has family up in Houghton, near the most northern tip.  He and the other band members were very down-to-earth and nice guys.  Eventually, Alan entered the room, and was greeted by a couple of fans.  After some photos, he started to make his way around the room.  I walked up to him, shook his hand, and introduced myself and my wife to him.  I asked him to sign my jersey.  While he was signing it, I mentioned that I had an interesting hobby, where I play his music to movies, similar to  Dark Side of the Moon & The Wizard of Oz.  He didn't really say much about it, but rather deflected the topic with "I told them that they've got it all wrong.  It goes with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."  After chatting with us, he moved on to the other fans.  It was a pleasant experience for me.  Alan is a down-to-earth gentleman, and I wished I could have really talked to him.  But as the code-breaker, I am on the other side of the fence looking in.  The meeting went pretty much the way I expected it would, with neither admittance nor denial of the movie syncs, but rather a deflection, keeping the mystery mysterious.  I know that the movie syncs are real.  I have a pretty good hunch that Alan and the other sync creators are interested in the discovery of their secrets, and they probably are intrigued about the sync finders.  I hope that meeting each other was as meaningful to Alan as it was to me.

Todd Ellis, a major contributor to these sync discoveries, is getting married to Laura Dickinson on 07.10.06.  I am honored to be one of the groomsmen.

The weather was perfect for the beautiful outdoor wedding, and everything turned out very well.  Everyone had fun at the reception, dancing the night away.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

On April 16, 2005, I asked my girlfriend Stase to marry me, and she accepted.  We are planning to get married on 11.11.05.  And believe it or not, she enjoys watching syncs with me.

Well, it's official.  Stase and I got married on 11.11.05.  The reception followed in my childhood hometown.  Everything turned out really nice, and we were so glad to spend this special occasion with our family and friends.  David Hoak was the best man, and Todd Ellis was one of the groomsmen.

Our honeymoon was one week at the Bahia Principe Akumal resort in Mexico near Tulum and Playa del Carmen.  We visited both of these towns and climbed pyramids at Chichen Itza and Coba.  It was the best vacation of our lives.

I did get a chance to see Alan Parsons perform live with some other famous musicians on July 10, 2002. The concert was a Beatles tribute called A Walk Down Abbey Road. Their sound quality was excellent, and I enjoyed every tune. I was very lucky to purchase a front row center seat, the fourth seat from the end on the side where Alan was performing. This was the first time I ever had a front row seat at a concert, and I have one word for it: AWESOME! I brought with me a copy of my theory. I wanted to give it to him, but the opportunity didn't present itself. Oh, well. I have a feeling that he already knows about this web page.

The Syncs

For individual syncs, click on an album title or a movie title below.  For the entire list of syncs, click on the link at the bottom.

The Albums

bulletTales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe (1976, 1987)
bulletI Robot (1977)
bulletPyramid (1978)
bulletEve (1979)
bulletThe Turn of a Friendly Card (1980)
bulletEye in the Sky (1982)
bulletThe Best of The Alan Parsons Project (1983)
bulletAmmonia Avenue (1984)
bulletVulture Culture (1984)
bulletStereotomy (1985)
bulletGaudi (1987)
bulletThe Best of The Alan Parsons Project - Volume 2 (1987)
bulletEric Woolfson - Freudiana (1990)
bulletAlan Parsons - Try Anything Once (1993)
bulletAlan Parsons - The Very Best Live (1995)
bulletAlan Parsons - On Air (1996)
bulletAlan Parsons - The Time Machine (1999)
bulletEric Woolfson - Poe - More Tales of Mystery and Imagination (2003)
bulletUltimate - The Alan Parsons Project (2004)
bulletAlan Parsons - A Valid Path (2004)
bulletThe Essential Alan Parsons Project (2007)
bulletEric Woolfson sings The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was (2009)
bulletAlan Parsons - Eye 2 Eye - Live in Madrid (2010)
bulletThe Collection (2010)
bulletEric Woolfson - Somewhere in the Audience (2013)
bulletI Robot - Legacy Edition - CD 2 (2013)
bulletAlan Parsons - LiveSpan (2013)
bulletThe Sicilian Defence (2014)
bulletThe Alan Parsons Symphonic Project - Live in Colombia (2016)
bulletAlan Parsons - The Secret (2019)
bulletAlan Parsons - One Note Symphony - Live in Tel Aviv (2022)

The Movies

bulletThe Fall of the House of Usher (1960)
bulletBreakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
bulletThe Pit and the Pendulum (1961)
bulletThe Raven (1963)
bulletA Man for All Seasons (1966)
bulletTHX-1138 (1970)
bulletMurders in the Rue Morgue (1971)
bulletThe Godfather (1972)  ***NEW on 11.08.14***
bulletThe Parallax View (1974)
bullet3 Days of the Condor (1975)
bulletJaws (1975)
bulletLogan's Run (1976)
bulletRocky (1976)
bulletSuperman (1978)
bulletThe China Syndrome (1978)
bulletThe Lord of the Rings (1978)
bulletThe Black Hole (1979)  ***NEW on 07.10.13***
bulletKramer Vs. Kramer (1979)
bulletRocky II (1979)
bulletRaiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
bulletThe Dark Crystal (1982)
bulletGandhi (1982)
bulletTron (1982)  ***NEW on 07.10.13***
bulletThe Right Stuff (1983)
bulletThe Philadelphia Experiment (1984)
bulletThe NeverEnding Story (1984)
bulletIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
bulletBack to the Future (1985)
bulletIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
bulletThe Rocketeer (1991)  ***NEW on 16.04.17***
bulletQuiz Show (1994)
bulletDoctor Who - The Movie (1996)  ***NEW***
bulletContact (1997)
bulletThe X-Files - Fight the Future (1998)
bulletA.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
bulletSigns (2002)
bulletStar Trek Nemesis (2002)  ***NEW on 16.04.22***
bulletI, Robot (2004)
bulletGood Night, and Good Luck. (2005)
bulletThe Illusionist (2006)  ***NEW on 10.07.19***
bulletWALL-E (2008)  ***NEW on 07.10.13***
bulletTron: Legacy (2010)  ***NEW on 16.04.22***
bulletThe Raven (2012)
bulletThe Hunger Games (2012)  ***NEW on 16.04.15***
bulletThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)  ***NEW on 21.12.16***
bulletPassengers (2016)  ***NEW on 16.04.22***
bulletThe House with a Clock in its Walls (2018)  ***NEW on 16.04.20***

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The Alan Parsons Project Movie Synchronizations