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More (1969) with The Ten Commandments (1956)

bulletdiscovered by Todd Ellis and Andrew Wendland in March 2002
bulletrevealed on 16.04.2002
bulletsync length = album length (approx. 45 minutes)
bulletstart the CD at the beginning of the movie: some versions have the Overture followed by a Cecil B. DeMille introduction, while other versions have the Cecil B. DeMille introduction followed by the Overture
bulleteither way will work
bulletone cue is that The Nile Song (2nd track on CD) starts exactly when the credits change color from red and orange to purple and yellow

Some things I noticed:

Cirrus Minor

Sounds like a church organ, and the movie is related to biblical events.

The Nile Song

Song starts exactly when the credits change color from red and orange to purple and yellow.

The Nile is important to the story of Moses.

Crying Song

"And their cry came up unto God" is stated in movie near beginning of Crying Song.

"We smile and smile" as girl and mother smile.

"We cry and cry" and "Sadness passes in a while" as they kill the firstborn of the families.

Up the Khyber

Up the Khyber as Moses goes down the river.

Green Is the Colour

"White is the light the shines through the dress that you wore" applies to clothing worn by the princess in later scenes that are somewhat see-through.

Green is the colour worn by the servant woman.


Party Sequence

Bongos playing in song after Ethiopians are introduced by Moses.

Main Theme

Ibiza Bar

"When he looks at me I'm afraid" woman says in film as "I'm so afraid of mistakes that I've made" is sung.

More Blues/Quicksilver

Weird sound effect as Moses cuts the old woman free.

Symbol sounds like grain flowing.

A Spanish Piece

This song is appropriate for scene between Rameses and the princess as they kiss each other.

Dramatic Theme

Last thing said in the film before the album ends is "More important things than obeying my orders?"