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Meddle (1971) with Gone with the Wind (1939)

bulletdiscovered by Andrew Wendland in Nov./Dec. 1997
bulletrevealed on 16.04.1998
bulletsync length = album length (approx. 47 minutes)
bulletstart CD at the beginning of the movie's Overture

Some things I noticed:

One of these Days

Wind blowing at the start of the song. Song ends as the credits end. It is timed perfectly.

A Pillow of Winds

Country song starts right when intro story appears on the screen.


"Hill's too steep to climb" during a scene where Scarlett and her father look out at the hilly landscape.

Whistling in song when she puts on a dress.

Cheering ends when she turns around with an angry look.

San Tropez

Song's tempo fits scenes.

BIG CLUE: "Gone with the Wind" is one of the lyrics in this song, no kidding.

"Leading me down" as Ashley is lead down the stairs.

"I hear your soft voice calling me" could almost be Ashley talking to Melanie.


Dogs barking symbolize the men (dogs) going after Scarlett.


Quiet beeping matches Scarlett's eyes going from guy to guy.

Percussion matches her sneaking around and down the stairs.

Long instrumental during big scene between Scarlett and Ashley. Music fits scene.

Eerie sounds play as Ashley and Melanie kiss... continues to Scarlett's marriage to a man she doesn't love. Wind blows. Crows can be heard during conversation between Scarlett and her mother, as they mourn the loss of Scarlett's first husband.

Music slowly changes mood as scene changes to the dance.

Music becomes more upbeat during scenes between Scarlett and Rhett. Changes in pace of music matches dancing.

Album ends with Scarlett trying on a gift from Rhett.


In the re-mastered CD on page with Seamus is an item with "Captain" written on it. Two of Scarlett's husbands were captains.