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The Division Bell (1994) with The Sound of Music (1965)

bulletdiscovered by Andrew Wendland in Nov./Dec. 1997
bulletrevealed on 16.04.1998
bulletsync length = 2 times the album length (approx. 2 hours 13 minutes)
bulletstart CD after the 20th Century Fox logo, just as the actual movie starts to fade in
bulletrepeat the CD once for a total of two complete plays through all the songs
bulletmake sure to pause CD during brief Intermission; unpause CD as soon as music restarts in movie

Some things I noticed:

Cluster One

Wind blowing as in the movie.

Pleasant music fits with pleasant scene.

What Do You Want from Me

The nuns enter the church.

"What do you want from me" is song during the prayer scene; people often ask this question of God.

"Even walk on water" is song during church scene; Jesus walked on water.

Singing women on album as nuns are singing in church.

Poles Apart

Maria is "poles apart" from the way she wants to live her life and the rules of the life of a nun.

Circus music starts playing as Maria comes running into the monastery late.


Maria is, in a sense, "marooned" with seven children, out of the safety of the monastery.

A Great Day for Freedom

This song describes some themes in the movie.

Wearing the Inside Out

The lyrics describe the Captain perfectly.

Take It Back

This song describes the teenage love between the oldest girl and her boyfriend.

Coming Back to Life

This song synchronizes beautifully with the romantic scene between the two teenagers.

"Outside the rain fell dark and slow" while it was raining.

Keep Talking

This song is during the scene when Maria is trying to calm the kids during a thunderstorm by playing a little talking game. The kids are at ease as long as Maria "keeps talking."




Lost for Words

Once again, the lyrics describe the Captain.

The children are playing with a ball.

High Hopes

Maria is teaching the children to sing using a classic guitar.

The kids are dancing in the field.

The group is riding bikes.

They run along side a river, which later in the movie they ride in a boat down the river.

They run through town to explore statues, water fountains, and buildings.

They run in a V-pattern at one point.


Now it's time to watch the song High Hopes on the Pulse video. This is a list of things that happen in the music video projected on the big screen behind Pink Floyd:

There are images of buildings.

People are riding bikes.

People are running through fields.

Classic guitars are flowing down a river.

Kids are in a circle playing with a ball.

Men are carrying a statue.

People are going down a river in a boat.

Kids run in a V-pattern.


All of these similarities are during the same song, High Hopes. What are the chances of that being pure coincidence?