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The Division Bell (1994) with Planet of the Apes (1967)

Discovered and written by Kenny Dreamx

bulletsync length = movie length (approx. 1 hour 52 minutes)
bulletadded on 16.04.2000
bulletstart CD after the 20th Century Fox logo, just as the actual movie starts to fade in
bulletrepeat CD until the end of the movie


On the cover of TDB is an ape like face. Open the CD booklet to the song Keep Talking, and there are the monkeys together that make an ape face. In the book "Mind Over Matter" by Storm Thorgerson, go to page 139. In the black cape you'll see an ape face. Stephen Hawkings saying that "Mankind lived just like animals" on TDB song "Keep Talking". And at the very end of TDB CD if you turn the volume all the way up. You'll hear a conversation that syncs up magically with the movie. "Is that you, Charlie?" referring to Charlton Heston. It's a trip!

What you will see:

The song titles describe what's going on in the movie.

Cluster One

This is the intro to the opening credits. You see stars glittering & shooting by. In the CD booklet for this song is a picture of an observatory for watching stars & planets.

What Do You Want from Me

It begins just when the spaceship crashes into the water, and the crew members are asking the same question, as they try to get out.

Poles Apart

It begins when the last crew member jumps off the spaceship, and they paddle their way towards a new planet. They are now poles apart from earth. ['And that you'd never lose that light in your eyes' is sung right as the bright sun shines in your eyes.]


They are now marooned on a desert like planet. Just like the picture in the CD booklet.

A Great Day for Freedom

This is when they discover life on the planet. They discover a flower like plant, and trees by a waterfall. The picture in the CD booklet has flowers floating on water.

Wearing the Inside Out

This is when they go skinny dipping by the waterfall. They're wearing the inside out.

Take It Back

This is when the apes take them back to the camp.

Coming Back to Life

This is when Charlton Heston comes back to life after being shot in the throat.

Keep Talking

Heston communicates through writing. His words won't come out right because he has been shot in the throat. Why won't you talk to me? He can't talk.

Lost for Words

Heston is gagged with a muzzle. He then fights his way out of there. The picture in the CD booklet is of boxing gloves.

High Hopes

The ringing of the division bell has begun. Heston is on trial as you hear the bell's ringing at the end. At the very end of the CD, if you turn the volume up. You'll hear "Is that you, Charlie?" as the apes are looking at Charlton (Charlie) Heston. The picture in the CD booklet for the song "High Hopes" is the same one on page 139 of "Mind Over Matter" which you can see an ape face in the black cape, but not in the CD booklet. Publius Enigma has struck again.