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The Primus Movie Synchronizations

1. Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble (2014) with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

bulletdiscovered by Andrew Wendland on 24.10.14
bulletrevealed to fellow sync researchers on 25.10.14
bulletrevealed publicly on 07.11.14
bulletsync length = movie length (approx. 1 hour 40 minutes)
bulletstart CD at the beginning of the movie when the sound begins and the chocolate appears before "David L. Wolper Presents" appears
bulletrepeat CD until the end of the movie
bulleton the back of the CD it states: "This project is dedicated to the wondrous talent of Gene Wilder"
bulletone of the best parts is the boat ride

2. The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Monolith of Phobos (2016) with Moonwalker (1988)

bulletdiscovered by Zephyr Ash Ostrowski in Mar. 2018
bulletadded on 16.04.18
bulletsync length = movie length (approx. 1 hour 33 minutes)
bulletstart the CD at the beginning of the film when the spotlight appears on the floor
bulleta loud "twang" is heard when the image changes into a 2-D graphic
bulletrepeat the CD until the end of the movie
bulletSean Lennon has a role in this film


I want to offer a special thanks to my friends and family members who have inspired me in one way or another.

When sharing these movie synchronizations with others, please remember who discovered them. When reprinting these synchronizations, please give us credit. Thank you and enjoy.

Andrew C. Wendland

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