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The Radiohead Movie Synchronization Headquarters

The Place Where Radiohead Secret Movie Connections Are Revealed

By Andrew C. Wendland (remove "no-spam" from address)

With Contributions from Todd "Boris" Ellis, Leighton Jones, Curt Pullan, Key, Gabe Cordova, David Taylor Mendonca, and Zephyr Ash Ostrowski

Originally Introduced 01.02.04 --- Latest Movie Sync Revealed 01.02.24 --- Last Updated 01.02.24

Significant Updates 02.03.04, 16.04.04, 06.05.04, 10.07.04, 11.07.06, 21.12.06, 01.02.07, 01.02.08, 11.07.08, 08.08.08, 16.04.11, 11.11.11, 01.02.12, 16.04.12, 06.09.12, 01.02.13, 01.02.14, 16.04.14, 07.11.14, 07.11.16, 01.02.19, & 01.02.22, & 09.09.22

Moved to on 09.09.09


This page is a continuation of my Pink Floyd page on the topic of album & movie synchronicity (or synchronization). To enjoy a sync, simply play the chosen movie with the sound turned off, and play the appropriate CD at the same time. Turning on the captions can enhance the experience. Specific instructions for each sync are given on this web page.

Special Notes

01.02.24 -  Today, we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this Radiohead sync web page.  It's hard to believe that we've been on this journey of discovery for this many years.  I'm pleased with the solo works and side projects that the band members have been creating.  It offers us plenty of sync material.  To mark the occasion, we reveal another sync with A Moon Shaped Pool.

21.12.22 -  I enjoyed The Smile concert at the Masonic Temple Theatre in downtown Detroit last month.  They played a nice selection of songs, mostly from the new album.  The band sounded great.  The only negative was that I couldn't understand what Thom Yorke was saying in between the songs.  Other than that, it was an entertaining show.  I was really glad to have caught this one.  Thanks for coming to Detroit!

22.11.22 -  I purchased a ticket to see The Smile live at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit on 28.11.22.  I will be sitting in Section Main Left 209, Row N, Seat 59.  I'm looking forward to the show.

01.02.19Today, we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this Radiohead sync web page.  To mark the occasion, we share a sync with a Thom Yorke solo project.

09.09.18 -  My best friend Dave Hoak and I thoroughly enjoyed the Radiohead show on 22.07.18 in Detroit.  They played a nice selection of songs.  The band sounded great.  From a synchronicity perspective, I didn't pick up any clues from their presentation.  On a different note, the Thom Yorke Detroit concert tickets sold out so fast, I didn't get any.  I haven't decided yet, if I'm going to purchase some tickets second hand.  It pisses me off how many people buy concert tickets with no intention of going to the show and then profit by selling the tickets for more money.

16.04.18 -  I purchased two tickets to see Radiohead live at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on 22.07.18.  We will be sitting in Section 114, Row 22, Seats 17 & 18.  I'm really looking forward to seeing them again.

01.02.14Today, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this Radiohead sync web page.  About ten years ago, my friend Todd and I found our first Radiohead sync between Amnesiac and Total Recall.  It's still one of my favorite Radiohead syncs.  The sync can be viewed on Movies Synced.  Unfortunately, I don't have a new sync to reveal today.  I would like to share an interesting theory regarding In Rainbows, OK Computer, and the number 10.  Seems apropos to share this on the 10th Anniversary.  Click on this link for the full story.

24.06.12Radiohead put on another superb show on 11.06.12.  Once again the presentation was unique and interesting.  Stase and I enjoyed the whole experience.  Thanks for performing in the Detroit area.  On a different note, we were sorry to hear about the accident that took the life of the drum technician.  Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.

16.04.12 -  I purchased two tickets to see Radiohead at the Palace of Auburn Hills on 11.06.12.  We will be sitting in Section 123, Row N, Seats 3 & 4.  I'm looking forward to another great show.

08.08.08 -  Radiohead put on an excellent performance on 03.08.08.  The sound quality was superior.  The stage set-up and the lighting were unique and interesting.  They reminded me of the Matrix movies.  I'm sure that was the intended effect.  I really enjoyed the show.  The variety of songs was the perfect balance between the new songs and the songs from the past.  Radiohead shined.

28.07.08 -  I will be sitting in Section D, Row H, Seat 30 at the Radiohead concert on Sunday, 03.08.08, in Noblesville, Indiana.  This will be the first time I see Radiohead live, so I'm really looking forward to a great show.  Also, stay tuned for the "In Rainbows" sync to be revealed on 08.08.08.

Todd Ellis, a major contributor to these sync discoveries, is getting married to Laura Dickinson on 07.10.06.  I am honored to be one of the groomsmen.

The weather was perfect for the beautiful outdoor wedding, and everything turned out very well.  Everyone had fun at the reception, dancing the night away.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

On April 16, 2005, I asked my girlfriend Stase to marry me, and she accepted.  We are planning to get married on 11.11.05.  And believe it or not, she enjoys watching syncs with me.

Well, it's official.  Stase and I got married on 11.11.05.  The reception followed in my childhood hometown.  Everything turned out really nice, and we were so glad to spend this special occasion with our family and friends.  David Hoak was the best man, and Todd Ellis was one of the groomsmen.

Our honeymoon was one week at the Bahia Principe Akumal resort in Mexico near Tulum and Playa del Carmen.  We visited both of these towns and climbed pyramids at Chichen Itza and Coba.  It was the best vacation of our lives.

The Syncs

For individual syncs, click on an album title or a movie title below.  For the entire list of syncs, click on the link at the bottom.

The Albums

bulletPablo Honey (1993)
bulletThe Bends (1995)
bulletOK Computer (1997)
bulletKid A (2000)
bulletAmnesiac (2001)
bulletI Might Be Wrong (2001)
bulletHail to the Thief (2003)
bulletCOM LAG (2plus2isfive) (2004)
bulletIn Rainbows (2007)
bulletRadiohead - The Best Of (2008)
bulletThe King of Limbs (2011)
bulletTKOL RMX 1234567 (2011)
bulletA Moon Shaped Pool (2016)
bulletKid A Mnesia - Kid Amnesiae (2021)
bulletJonny Greenwood - Bodysong (2003)
bulletPhilip Selway - Familial (2010)
bulletPhilip Selway - Weatherhouse (2014)
bulletThom Yorke - The Eraser (2006)
bulletAtoms for Peace - AMOK (2013)
bulletThom Yorke - Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (2014)
bulletThe Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention (2022)

The Movies

bulletDr. Strangelove (1963)
bulletPink Floyd The Wall (1982)
bullet1984 (1984)
bulletTotal Recall (1990)
bulletThe Nightmare before Christmas (1993)
bulletJurassic Park (1993)
bulletStargate (1994)
bullet12 Monkeys (1995)
bulletWaterworld (1995)
bulletEscape from L.A. (1996)
bulletGattaca (1997)
bulletThe Fifth Element (1997)
bulletThe Matrix (1999)
bulletMemento (2000)
bulletVanilla Sky (2001)
bulletMinority Report (2002)
bulletMetropolis - Restored Authorized Edition (2002, 1927)
bulletThe Matrix Reloaded (2003)
bulletThe Matrix Revolutions (2003)
bulletTHX 1138 - The George Lucas Director's Cut (2004, 1970)
bulletAvatar (2009)
bulletDistrict 9 (2009)
bulletFantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
bulletTron: Legacy (2010)
bulletBattle: Los Angeles (2011)
bulletThe Cabin in the Woods (2011)  ***NEW on 01.02.19***
bulletTotal Recall (2012)  ***NEW on 01.02.22***
bulletFrozen (2013)
bulletOblivion (2013)  ***NEW on 07.11.16***
bulletArrival (2016)  ***NEW on 01.02.24***
bulletAnnihilation (2018)  ***NEW on 09.09.22***
bulletThe Matrix Resurrections (2021)  ***NEW on 01.02.22***

Warning:  Clicking the link below will reveal all the syncs.

The Radiohead Movie Synchronizations