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Clockwork Angels (2012)

Clockwork Angels (2012) with The Watchmen (2009)

bulletdiscovered by Tyler Buffett in Oct. 2012
bulletadded on 16.04.13
bulletstart the CD at the beginning of the movie when the yellow background appears, which forms into the Warner Bros. Pictures logo
bulletvisit Tyler's web page Movies Synced for more syncs

Clockwork Angels (2012) with Time Bandits (1981)

bulletdiscovered by Andrew Wendland in Dec. 2015
bulletrevealed on 21.12.15
bulletsync length = movie length (approx. 1 hour 56 minutes)
bulletstart Track 3 "Clockwork Angels" at the beginning of the movie when "Handmade Films present" appears
bulletplay Tracks 3 through 10 "BU2B2"
bulletcontinue with Track 1 and play the whole CD
bulletcontinue with Track 1 and play until the end of the movie
bulletthe clock hands on the front cover point to two symbols, which represent the starting point and ending point for the first play through of the CD
bulletthe time bandits work for the Supreme Being, so they are like his angels, which makes the title "Clockwork Angels" apropos